House of Annetta

25 Princelet St
London E1 6QH
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“How could your experience be valued in relation to a community of interest?”
We would like to invite you to a Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Meditations session presented by Artur Vidal (@arturmatamorovidal) in collaboration with House of Annetta.
This workshop is open and free of cost but donations to the save brick lane campaign are welcome!

welcome to house of annetta

house of annetta was orginally opened in 2021 as a new social centre to support spatial justice and land reform - building on the ethos of the Edith Maryon Foundation, which was established in 1990 to decommodify property and who is the current steward and legal owner of the house.Annetta was particularly interested in the philosophy of language, and the relation between language and action. However, what is most striking is Annetta’s translation of cybernetic ideas - and interest in questioning systems - to multiple different levels of inquiry. From language to flag-making, from redesigning society to beekeeping, from carpentry to tailoring, publishing to campaigning, we are now committed to continuing this legacy of using diverse mediums for experimental work.

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the idea:

a new social centre to support those working for housing justice and land reform.

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why is it called house of annetta?

over the past 40 years 25 princelet St has been home to annetta pedretti, who used the space to create a powerful collection of theoretical, architectural and artistic projects.