House of Annetta

25 Princelet St
London E1 6QH


HoA | archive project

annetta left a significant archive in the property. It is well preserved but not ordered or catalogued. preserving the elements of the archive related to her battle against aggressive development is a public history and a document of a social movement. it is significant to the local community because it holds evidence of how they held those in power accountable. its content will generate discussion and enable further action. further, it demonstrates to the younger community that they too hold power if they collect and organise effectively. And for our volunteers who share Annetta’s ideology, the archive demonstrates that we can achieve what we set out to do, whilst maintaining our own historical record for future generations. it also supports our longer term aim, to restore the property to a useful condition for community use.

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the idea:

a new social centre to support those working for housing justice and land reform.

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why is it called house of annetta?

over the past 40 years 25 princelet St has been home to annetta pedretti, who used the space to create a powerful collection of theoretical, architectural and artistic projects.

What has happened so far ?

in december 2020 we opened an exhibition: SAVE BRICK LANE, led by the spitalfields trust and the gentle author, to raise community awareness and consult on the new luxury retail development proposed within  the truman brewery.

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