Welcome to House of Annetta

House of Annetta is a new social center for land reform and spatial justice in East London. Assemble are currently the custodians of the house and are managing the space to make it accessible for community initiatives, activist groups and radical cultural projects.

House Rules

HoA has a zero tolerance policy in regards to racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, ableist or otherwise oppressive language or behaviour. Events and groups that are deemed to enable or promote these oppressive practices will not be facilitated by HoA.


updated on 20.08.2021

train or underground station:

0.8 kilometres from shoreditch high street, liverpool Street station, aldgate east & whitechapel station.
*the station has step free access.

bus : nearest stop is folgate st is approx 300 meters from the house.
*bus 242

general info


Door height: 2.1m

Door width: 0.85m

Door step: 0.21m

there’s just one outdoor unisex toilet on site access via the garden. to access the toilet there is a it’s a bathroom, with a bath to your left, the sink to your right, and the toilet in front of you. the gap between the sink and bath is 60cm, must go through this to get to toilet.
height of sink: 83cm 

a pull-up lever, combined hot and cold, turn to warm or cool.

height of toilet:42cm 

type of flush used:
push button flush top centre of cistern.

location of toilet paper: Toilet rolls are loose on top of shelf left of toilet, 27cm up from floor.

are there any handrails: No.

location of lightswitch for the toilet: Outside toilet (to your left), 170cm. Push switch as per in most residential homes.

turn space around the toilet: 55cm x 95cm


ground floor 
first floor

Using the space

Our aim is for the House of Annetta to facilitate grassroots action, and for the calendar to be as full as possible. You can book the space for one-off or regular events. We have a sliding scale and welcome individuals and groups as long as your activities do not contradict our manifesto.

Opening hours / access

09:00 - 23:00

House of Annetta is accessed via a fob access system.The front door will close automatically at 23:15. A fob key is available for regular users. We will pass on details when we confirm your booking.

hire fee

house of annetta offers free space for:
  • groups/individuals that engage with issues around housing rights, land reform and spatial justice
  • groups/individuals doing community projects who don't have access to spaces or resources
  • low income individuals
  • unfunded groups

house of annetta offers free space for:
  • private events
  • commercial activities
  • funded individuals/group
  • corporate groups

Warm Season - Starting rates
       hourly evening day weekly monthly

per space£10    £40  £70  £420   £2,100
per desk£5    £30  £80  £250

We want to support groups/individuals who are marginal with fewer resources to thrive. If you are unsure as to which group you fall under, please get in touch and explain your situation and what you would be able to afford.

ground floor

left room
room size:440x500
available for: workshop,meeting,exhibitions
equipments: sofa, big desks, multiple chairs, white boards, speaker.

right room
room size:320x550
available for: workshop,meeting,exhibitions

first floor

desk space 
room size:400x485
desk size: 50x100
8 desks

room size:500x485
available for: coffee,tea and snakes
social eating events
equipments: two electronic stoves,mugs,plates,cutlery,refrigerator,chop boards, storage cupboards. 
tea and coffee

avialible for: social events, hang out, and messy works.

garden house
available for: exhibition,workshop,messy works

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