1. 1705    House built for Huguenot silk merchants by the brewer Joseph Truman of Truman Brewery
  2. 1743 - 1793 Occupied by John Baker esquire, merchant, gold/silver brocade and flowered silk weaver
  3. 1980    Annetta purchases 25 Princelet Street to protect it from demolition
  1. 1981    Annetta completes cybernetics of language PHD
  2. 1982    Princelet Editions, an independent publishing press is started at the house
  3. 1990    Edith Maryon foundation founded in Switzerland
  4. 2000    Annetta becomes active in local campaigns to protect community resources
  5. 2015    Assemble awarded Turner Prize for their community-oriented architectural work
  6. 2018    Annetta passes away, her family gift the house to the Edith Maryon foundation in honour of her political stance
  7. 2019    House is given in trust to Assemble as a resource centre for the public
  8. 2020    House opens with SAVE BRICK LANE campaign exhibition
  9. 2026    Capital works completed using traditional crafts and an emphasis on female construction workers
  10. 2027 -  House used for community organising and educating, empowering people to transform their lives