Back in November Ukrainian solidarity collective vsesvit organised a fundraiser at House of Annetta to support Ukrainian volunteer group
We had a full day event with diverse program:

Ukrainian botanical folklore - workshop by Janina Pedan @janapedan and Mariya Shub @shubmariya A workshop exploring the botanical motifs of Ukrainian culture and their medicinal, magical and symbolical meanings.

During the workshop we talked about 7 important plants in Ukrainian symbology, and interacted with these plants directly through touch, taste and smell. Participants were also introduced to  the symbol “Tree-of-life” in Ukrainian folk art, deconstructed and created their own version with simple craft materials.

Anthology of Queer Ukrainian Voices During Wartime - performative reading by Vlad(a) Vazheyevskyy @kyjankainoplanetyanka @t__vaz @dvijka_ Vlad(a) and his brother T Vazheyevskyy, a co-editor of the anthology Queer Ukraine, have been collecting text-based works from the Ukrainian Queer community since March of 2022.

They presented first reading from the book Queer Ukraine, which is now available for pre-order:

The Winter Garden's Tale - documentary film by Simon Mozgovyi @mozgovy @thewintergardenstale “For the last 45 years, Mrs. Valentina Voronina has been the steward of the floriculture pavilion in the Exhibition of A

chievements of the National Economy of the Ukrainian SSR. With a motley crew of four-legged companions, Voronina has devoted her life to tending plants and mending structures, making the most of seemingly insufficient resources to keep the declining greenhouse alive and standing”.

Film is also available for home screening:

Ukrainian books pop-up and reading room by Biblioteka

Fundraising publication Oberih by @dariaanosova from @understructures

oberih [ukr.: ‘an item that protects’] is a publication that serves as a fundraising project for people affected by the war in Ukraine. It is a collection of stories about things that accompany us everywhere and provide solace and protection in all circumstances. gathered from our friends, these stories reached us in the form of short texts, images, voice messages and online posts in the period of April–May 2022.

Book can be purchased here:

Charitable print sale by @christophernunn_ @ultramegaviolence @poplava_ua @sashakurmaz @mishapedan @sergey_melnitchenko @noelfaucett and more, supported by