HLF Archive Project 



Claire Louis Staunton:research curator at MK Gallery, an activist with Spectres of Modernism.

saif osmani:
born in Whitechapel and of Sylheti-Bengali descent, Saif is a visual artist and spatial designer with a socially-engaged arts practice.

hugo fergusson: visual artist working with learning disability projects in the local area since 2015. Currently manager of the bubble club accessible arts programme.

exhibition curated by yibeijia li. creative practitioner curretly practicing at HoA.

the themes:

Co-designing an art process that echos Annetta's theory of living books
Led by Hugo Fergusson
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What dose a cybernetics
archive look like?
Led by
Claire Louise Staunton

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The exhibition: 

“In the fabric of time” is a refelction by Yibeijia Li, Saif Osmani and Hugo Fergusson based on series of workshops about cybernetics,spatial justice and archive.

Threads in the fabric of time was the organisational moniker Annetta Pedretti sometimes used to engage with local campaigns, anti-gentrification and community activism. It is also a phrase woven into the binding of one of her self-published versions of her novel ‘memories of the next revolution’. This small link can serve to hint at the kind of loops, depth and relations that can be found in the work of Annetta, who lived most of her life here in this house at 25 Princelet St. A substantial amount of her work and intellectual legacy is throughout the house in many forms - films, audio recordings, community workshops, letters, exchanges, publications, costume, carpentry projects, building extensions, architectural features, photographs, petitions, campaign signs…

Over the past three months we invited a number of actors related to the house, who either share Annetta’s interests or who knew her, to spend some time with the ‘archive’ of objects and texts upstairs. Each drew a different thematic thread and used that as a starting point to develop new work and knowledge through a series of public workshops. What follows in these rooms is an unfolding of the conversations that are emerging from the archive. Some of these conversations have been had through drawing or mapping, some have touched on Bangla heritage and others reflected on the nature of archiving itself.

art work by Yibeijia Li

Exploring Bengali East End through the looking glass of Annetta Pedretti
Led by
Saif Osmani

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a cybernetic house ︎︎︎ read more

Big drawing workshop 

above artworks are created by
yibeijia li 

this project - archival research and development, workshops, exhibition and events - was made possible without the support of The Heritage Lottery Fund.