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experimental methodology 

observers observing obeservers observed

by hugo furgusson 
featuring artworks from samantha walkers and kate allen

samantha walkers
samantha painting the "rhythm" of the activity in hoa

On a Saturday afternoon in December last year, the ground floor of the house of annetta was transformed into a web of obscure objects from Annetta’s archive within a network of sketching stations constructed from materials found in the basement and the attic (annetta’s archive). Participants were invited to play with the coloured threads provided and make drawings from their observations and imaginations. This was the 3rd edition of the Experimental Methodology series created by the artist,Hugo Fergusson.

(thanks to the participants from poetry wood and bubble club)

The EM project is an ongoing and
evolving process that is regenerative
and experimental. The intention is
to provide the opportunity for both
the artist and many others to connect
with Annetta’s remarkable space and
to activate some of her conceptual
practices with the hope of deepening
our collective understanding of the
theory behind them. Different methods
are being explored including drawing,
writing, painting, audio playback and
video projection.
Featured artwork from Samantha Walker
and Kate Allen.

the exhibition was the 3rd iteration of the 
experimental methodology.
On display during the exhibition are elements 
of that process alongside fragments of the archive 
which have inspired it. Included are some of the drawing 
stations which have been re-constructed so that the 
observation process can remain open for engagement 
during the exhibition. This project is about exploring 
through visual experimentation including series of
selected writings from both Annetta and the artist
audiences are encouraged to draw and record some 
observations or reflections of their own.

360° map created by kate allen documents the 2nd iteration of experimental methodology

this project - archival research and development, workshops, exhibition and events - was made possible without the support of The Heritage Lottery Fund.