systems RIP

an invitation and process for people to use the house as a resource and platform from which to learn about, question and take action on the systems we reproduce through our daily lives. working towards social and political change through land, housing, food, care and body, materials and resources, and body. supported by



hoa 2022 summer

monthly social 
bread & butter 

house caretaking

cleaning, sorting, oiling, filling gaps in the floorboards supported by Assemble,




raising funds for ukraine at House of annetta

HoA x TATI food programme

visiting researchers

passing through london? needing a space (cat to stroke, food for your belly, a desk, hi-speed internet)? this summer has supported researchers-in-practice thinking about

economies of racialisation and resource extraction


knowledges of leakages


criminalisation of trespass


summer play “anecdote”
programme of noctornal creatures, whitechaple gallery

sebastian koseda- silk to cilicon


installations, performances and art about world-making: alyse Stone - the black alchemisphere on afro-futurist universes, manifold Space: home from home - spatial yearning for homes of the past, LABYRINTHS, and layers of transmetropolitan stories with ed gray.

HoA archive project, spon

“enough alredy”london metropolitan diploma unit 8 summer exhibition